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Lenny Zarcone Sinatra Singer 
Jazz Trio - Oldies Band - DJ

"Lenny moved seamlessly through our multilayered party like a pro from cocktail, dinner, dancing, and sing-a-longs. On top of all this, Lenny has the personality you want in a performer. He is a true character and true gem!" Sam Burns December 11, 2023

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Summer Wind

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 i've Got You under My Skin

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Lenny Zarcone MGM Springfield Regal Ente
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Lenny Zarcone's rich vocals and timeless music sets a perfect background for Dinner & Cocktail Hour conversation. At just the right volume he creates the desired mood to fit every occasion. Candlelit Dinners and Spirited Cocktail Hours are Lenny Zarcone's specialty. 


There are several options when hiring Lenny's Music & Entertainment  Services:

SOLO- Lenny's vocals are backed up by pre-recorded tracks of original orchestral arrangements.

DUO- Lenny is accompanied by a musician playing piano or guitar.


TRIO- When budget's allow, Lenny can be hired with his Live Jazz Trio, Quartet, or Quintet.  


EMCEE & AFTER DINNER DJ Services are also available. Create a shared Spotify Playlist or list your favorites in any style, era, or genre and he'll gladly add them to his mix.   

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