Entertainment for Seniors

During this Time of Social Distancing
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LENNY'S LIVE RADIO SHOW is broadcasted live via his BOSE Blue Tooth Speaker, into your facility, from his car, 50 feet away, in the parking lot,  

Lenny never needs to enter your door to keep residents safe!

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A glimpse at Lenny's 40 years of Performing Arts &  Entertainment
Article Review Claremont Lenny Z Jazz Tr

"I sing with digital pre-recorded orchestral accompaniment , play piano for a few sing-a-longs, bring out the accordion for "That's Amore", a polka, and Happy Birthday (if anyone is celebrating) I often lead a round or two of that old TV Game Show, "Name That Tune" ... and to add to the variety & fun ... I'll juggle a little, twirl a plate or two like folks remember from the old Ed Sullivan Show. My persona is that of a light hearted fellow, much like Dean Martin was on his TV Show.  I had worked for many years as a Mime Artist, a New Vaudevillian, and in Musical Comedy too. All the elements from a long career in the Performing Arts come together for a very entertaining hour.  I really love to bring together a group to join in the fun & music." Lenny