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Lenny & his DJ Crew deliver every style of music and work with you to prepare in advance all your favorites and music preferences... and will take every request as the party is peaking. Whether you prefer the newest contemporary releases to the very oldest + everything else in between be it Country, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, R & B, Disco, Motown, and more. 

Get a big discount on the total fee when you take control by creating your own playlist using Spotify! Send it to Lenny & he'll download it in advance to deliver a seamless flow through a powerful dynamic sound system. Lenny and his DJ's have that special professional touch for a great time your guests will enjoy on and off the dance floor! There are no special bells, whistles, light shows, photo booths, or overbearing cheesy DJ's. Your party will be in good hands with a DJ who knows when to play ... just the right song ... at just the right moment ... at just the right volume from the softest sweetest songs to the booming power that lifts guests out of there seats and onto their feets :-) 

In addition to straight DJ music, Lenny also offers a unique blend of Live Cocktail Hour Music too. You'll see a dozen or more great reviews below of Lenny's DJ services that can include his festive vocals that set the party off to a great start. Also see more great reviews from his Gigmaster's profile, "Lenny Zarcone, A Frank Sinatra Songbook Singer" where he was awarded, Gigmasters, "Best of 2016" for a long list of 5 star ratings from happy customers. 

Lenny's blend of Live & DJ music is a great combination for for Weddings too. There's something for everyone... from your Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles on through to your friends and their kids too.... Lenny, his Millennial DJ assistants, and (depending on your budget) sometimes live accompanying musicians will deliver a great time for all ages from the Ceremony to the Last Dance. Background Music for the Rehearsal Dinner is also available to set a great mood for families & the bridal party. 


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